Software Development

AISS is involved in the Software Development having the expertise in Oracle, Sybase, Java, Visual Studio, etc., on platforms such as DOS, Windows, Unix and Linux.

AISS stress on quality and time management, having an excellent team of designers, programmers and technical consultants. In addition to this, multimedia department provides a variety of support services, ranging from GUI design to extensive 3D animation.

AISS has developed various applications in various fields like Automobile Management Systems, Stores Accounting, Inventory Control, Gas Agency Applications, Library Applications, Educational Institutes (Schools & Colleges), Hospital Management, Super markets and many more. AISS developed the automation of the operations for Ministry of Religious Affairs Globally.

AISS specialize in providing customized software solutions. Current in-house and customers projects span the following development areas:

Client / Server Based Applications.
Databases and Database Connectivity.
Packages for both Personal and Business purposes.

This is a place where you can find every solution related to computers.